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Build This Ultrasonic Distance Meter.

distance level meter-600Small, widely available and dirt-cheap ultrasonic sensors enable us to design both simple and lavish measuring devices for all kinds of ranging. Take one of these modules, add a display, a couple of press-buttons and a micro-controller loaded with software, and you now have all the ingredients for a circuit of this kind.


TDA7498 2X100W Class-D Audio Amplifier !

This amplifier board features a state-of-the-art, with dual channel Class-D TDA7498 IC, which delivers up to 100 watts per channel. The small 3.6″ wide by 4.8″ long PCB footprint allows this amplifier board to be used in many applications were size constraints limit the use of conventional amplifiers. Just add a 12 to 32 Vdc power supply, signal source, and speakers!


What all you need is a 12~32Vdc regulated power supply, audio sources from CD/DVD player or MP3 player, a pair of good quality 6~8Ω speaker to build this Stereo 2x100W High Power Audio Amplifier !

Order this Class-D 2x100W Audio Power Amplifier Board and start building your DIY Hi-Fi Systems !

Add Another MP3 Player Board to TDA7498 board and form a high power MP3 Player!


GPD2856C-MP3 Player Board

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