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9W High Power Full Color RGB LED Module

9W High Power Full Color RGB LED. Suitable for Stage lamp, background/decorative lighting. Mounted on aluminum star heat-sink for heat dissipation. Separate drive pin for Red, Green and Blue LED.

Products Selection Guide: July 2018 Issue.

MAX7219 32×8 Dot Matrix Display Module

This is 32×8 (256 Dots) dot matrix LED displays module based on MAX7219 IC. The displays are designed so that they can be mounted in a horizontal chain and can also be expanded in a vertical plane allowing versatile displays panel to be built. A convenient 3-wire serial interface connects to all common controller board like Arduino or Raspberry. Individual dot may be addressed and updated without rewriting the entire display. This module can be daisy chain to form a display panel for scrolling message board.

7A/160W H-Bridge High Power DC Motor Driver Module.

This is an ultra-small low profile dual DC motor driver for space constraint projects, capable of deliver high power of up to 7A per output channel. It uses similar logic as the L298 motor driver, where you control the driver with 3 signal pins (IN1, IN2, ENABLE).


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