AVH75-48S05 75W Half-Brick DC-DC Converter Module


AVH75-48S05 75W Half-Brick DC-DC Converter Module.

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The AVH series of switching DC-DC converters is one of the most cost effective options available in component power. The AVH uses an industry standard package size of 2.4”x2.28”x0.5” and pinout configuration, provides standard control, trim, and sense functions, also features high power density up to 54.8W/in3 which gives more selectivity to meet  small size requirement.

Brief Data:

  • Model Number: AVH75-48S05.
  • Input Range: 36 to 75 Vdc.
  • Output Voltage: 5V.
  • output Current: 15A.
  • Voltage Setpoint Accuracy ± 1%Vo max.
  • Voltage Adjust 90% to 110% Vo.
  • Line Regulation ± 0.2%Vo max.
  • Load Regulation ± 0.5%Vo max.
  • Ripple and Noise 150mVpp.
  • Transient Response 5%Vo max.

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