ESP8266 NodeMCU I/O Expansion Board


ESP8266 NodeMCU I/O Expansion Board.

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This base board is the Breakout Board for ESP8266 NodeMcu V3 Lua CH340 WiFi Development Board. All the I/O ports are easily accessible thru the 2.54mm pin header for easy prototyping. This baseboard also with on board 5V regulator. Accept power input of 5~12V thru 5.5mm power from wall plug adapter. The perfect solution for breaking out the pins from Lua V3 NodeMCU.


  • Small and handy module.
  • Supply Voltage: 6~24Vdc.
  • The spacing between headers pin: 54 mm.
  • Lead-out all the I/O ports of the ESP-12E development board.
  • Lead out the pins of 5V and 3.3V power supply.
  • Convenient to connect with peripheral modules with jumper wires.
  • Onboard 5V/1A DC-DC step-down converter circuit.
  • Onboard power-on LED indicator.
  • Board Dimension: 60×60 mm.

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