Arduino DUE 32-bits Microcontroller Board


Arduino DUE 32-bits Microcontroller Board

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The Arduino DUE gives you the power of a 32-bit microcontroller ready for your larger projects!The Arduino DUE works at 3.3V, has 54-pin digital I/O (12 PWM), 12 analog inputs, a 84 MHz clock, 2 DAC (digital to analog conversion) and a JTAG for direct programming and for debugging.

The Due has a 32-bit ARM core that can outperform typical 8-bit microcontroller boards. The most significant differences are:

  • A 32-bit core, that allows operations on 4 bytes wide data within a single CPU clock.
  • High Spped CPU Clock at 84Mhz.
  • 96 KBytes of SRAM.512 KBytes of Flash memory for code.
  • A DMA controller, that can relieve the CPU from doing memory intensive tasks.



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