1µF~250Vdc Metalized Polyester Film Capacitor~2pcs/pack


Resin Coated Metallized Polyester Film Capacitor 1µF/250V.

Pack of 2-pieces/lot.

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Resin Coated Metallized Polyester Film Capacitor. Typical applications are general purchase blocking, coupling, decoupling, bypassing, and RFI for automotive High pulse strength and audio band pass filter.

Brief Data:

  • Manufacturing Part No: MDX22E105K.
  • Capacitance: 1uF ±10%
  • Rated Voltage: 250Vdc.
  • Lead Pitch: 22.5mm.
  • Lead Diameter: Ø0.80mm.
  • Body Size: (24x14x6.5)mm
  • MDX series is well-suited for Miniaturization of equipment.
  • Non-inductive  construction  of  metalized polyester film.
  • Flame retardant epoxy resin (UL94V-0) coating type.
  • Miniature size and light weight for use in general electronics 

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