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CDROM Audio Adpter

elektorEver wanted to use an old CD-ROM drive as a CD player for audio playback? Now you can do it, with this nifty CD-ROM Playback Adapter. It can control one or two CD-ROM drives and has an infra-red remote control. A 16×2 line LCD screen provides track information and other data.

WE HAVE often been asked how to interface a hard drive or computer CD-ROM drive to a microcontroller. This is an interesting question, since there are countless old CD-ROM drives out there that are still in perfect functioning order, but which are ‘obsolete’... download.


3-Channel UHF Rolling-Code Remote Controlpcd2

This high-security 3-button UHF transmitter and receiver can be used for keyless entry into homes and commercial premises and for controlling garage doors and external lighting. Three separate outputs on the receiver can be used to activate various electrical devices such as a door strike, a motorised garage door and 230VAC lights. Up to 16 transmitters can be used with the one receiver so it's even suitable for a small business.