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Classic 80C51 Family

Why use the 8051 architecture? The core of the 8051 arguably is used more than any other device. It is an expansion of the i8042 architecture, which is the fundamental processor used in keyboards for personal computers. The architecture has been around for over 25 years. It is constantly being enhanced by various vendors to perform tremendous tasks.

Why has the 8051 continued all these years especially now that new powerful 32 bit ARM Cortex™-M3 devices are available for a mere $1? It makes sense that the 8051 would be replaced by these types of devices. 8051 devices would then be found in only a few legacy products. But, 8051s are everywhere ! The 8051 of today is not the same one from the past. It is faster, smaller, has more ROM and RAM (with banking), more data pointers (up to 8) and far fewer cycles per instruction (from 12 to 1 or 2) plus many new peripherals. It can be a chip or gates programmed into a FPGA. The 8051 continues to evolve.

Classic 8051 Programmer/Development Board HT-MC-02

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  • 8051 Central Processing Unit htmc02
  • On-chip Flash Program Memory with In-System Programming (ISP) and In Application Programming (IAP) capability
  • Boot ROM contains low level Flash programming routines for downloading via the RS232
  • Flash memory reliably stores program code even after 10,000 erase and program cycles with 10-year minimum data retention
  • Programmable security for the code in the Flash. The security feature protects against software piracy and prevents the contents of the Flash from being read
  • 32 general purpose I/O pins connected to 10pins header connectors for easy I/O pins access
  • AC/DC (9~12V) power supply – easily available from wall socket power adapter
  • On board stabilized +5Vdc for other interface circuits power supply
  • Included 8x LEDs and pushbuttons test board (free with HT-MC-02 while stock last) for fast simple code testing
  • Industrial popular window Keil C compiler and assembler included (Eval. version)
  • Free Flash Magic Windows software for easy program code down loading
  • Software bundle in CD-ROM, including tutorials, compiler/assembler,programming utilities, applications notes, 8051 based projects and examples programs

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