6x6mm Tactile Switch/10-pcs


6x6mm Tactile Switch.

Manufacturing Part No: TL1105F160Q

Brand: e-Switch

Pack of 10-pieces/lot.

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Tact switches are SPST snap action switches to be used with small currents (rated at 50mA 12Vdc). These Tact switches provide a sharp, clear and assuring operating feel, have low contact resistance, high contact reliability and come in a wide selection of operating forces.

Brief Data:

  • Contact Configuration: SPST-NO
  • Terminal Type: Through Hole
  • Switch Operation: Momentary
  • Body Size: 6×6 mm
  • Actuator Length: 4.3mm
  • Actuator Colour: Black
  • Actuator Type: Stem
  • Contact Current Rating: 50mA@12Vdc
  • Operating Force: 0.98 N

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