Welding Magnetic Angle Holder Fixing Tool


Welding Magnetic Angle Holder Fixing Tool.

Pack of 1-piece/lot.

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This magnetic welding angle holder allows to fix work-piece at angle 45˚, 90˚, 135˚. This Welding Magnetic Holder is a valuable tool in improving welding precision. By securely holding the work-piece in place, it minimizes the risk of movement or misalignment during the welding process. This leads to tighter, cleaner welds, reducing the need for rework or corrections.

Brief Data:

  • Type: Magnetic Angle Holder for Welding.
  • Clamping on Inside and Outside Magnetic faces
  • Hold work pieces at an angle of 45°, 90° or 135°
  • Fixing holes to join units together.
  • Tack weld, Solder or Braze Round/Square tube, Angle and Flat stock
  • 3 mounting holes for linking up
  • Holding Force: 30kg/60kg.
  • Magnet Type: Permanent Magnet Assembly.

Detail Specification:

  • YBS Welding Fixing Tool Specification

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Weight 0.65 kg

30Kg, 60Kg

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