1060 Aluminum Bare Wire~10meter/pack


1060 Aluminum Bare Wire~10meter/pack.

Pack of 10-meter/lot.

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The aluminum wire is strong and flexible enough for art and craft projects such as sculpturing, wire weaving, doll making supplies, stone wrapping, decorating, crafting, beading, florist arranging, gardening and anodizing. Aluminum wires have a specific gravity of 2.7. They are lightweight electric wires.

Brief Data:

  • Material: 1060 Alloy.
  • Length: 10 meter.
  • Diameter: Ø1.00mm/18AWG.
  • Cross Sectional Area: 0.78mm2.
  • Can be anodizing for difference color.
  • Wire Type: Bare Wire.
  • Used for craft, anodizing and electrical applications.
  • Corrosion and oxidation resistant.

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