Ø16mm Brass Sleeve Bearing/Spacer


Ø16mm Brass Sleeve Bearing/Spacer.

Pack of 1-piece/pack.

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Sleeve bearing facilitates motion between two components, absorbing friction and reducing vibration. They have a high load capacity, making them suitable for a range of heavy-duty applications. Compact, lightweight and easy to install, applications include electric motors, transmission shafts, spacer, lift and tilt devices for manufacturing and clevis joints for hydraulic cylinder pins.

Brief Data:

  • Material: Copper Alloy.
  • Oil Impregnated Self lubricating.
  • Inner Diameter: Ø16mm.
  • Outer Diameter: Ø20mm.
  • Wall Thickness: 2mm.
  • Height: 16mm.
  • For Shaft Diameter: Ø16mm.

Detail Specification:

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