Ø2.3mm Electroluminescent (EL) Wire – Ocean Blue


Ø2.3mm Electroluminescent (EL) Wire – Ocean Blue.

Pack of 1-piece (5-Meters)/lot.

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Flexible Neon Wire, EL Wire, also called Electroluminescent (EL) Wire is the new generation product in global lighting and display industry. Wrapped by colorful plastic tube on its surface, it appears similar to common phone wire, emitting light along its entire length but without any heat radiation. It consumes much lower power, just 50-70% of LED lamp, 20-40%, rope lamp and 1-10% neon light. This open a new era in lighting and display field featured with energy saving and environmental protection.

Pack of 1-piece (5-meters)/lot.

Brief Data:

  • Length: 5-Meters.
  • EL Wire Diameter: Ø2.3mm.
  • Glow Color: Ocean Blue.
  • Operating Voltage Range:120~200VAC
  • Optimum operating voltage:120VAC
  • Frequency of Operation:50~5000Hz.
  • Direct capacitance:6nf/m(20℃,RH< 80%)
  • Glow Brightness: 30cd/m2~126 cd/m2 5.
  • Power Consumption: 108mw/m~1032mw/m.
  • Working Life: ~5000Hrs.

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