20-Pins 0.3″ DIP IC Socket 2.54mm Pitch


20-Pins 0.3″ DIP IC Socket. 2.54mm Pitch.

Manufacturing Part No: 3000-2201

Brand: Onexcon

Pack of 1-piece/lot.

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This 3000 series DIL stamped IC sockets with a low profile end and side stackable design making them ideal for use in high density circuit layouts. This 3000 DIL IC sockets have tin-plated dual wipe contacts that offer maximum contact retention at minimum cost and a large lead-in area provides easy package insertion. Other features of these 3000 series stamped IC sockets include over-stress protection, a 35º angled contact to prevent the IC leg from going behind the contact during insertion.

Brief Data:

  • Number of contact: 20 Dual-In-Line
  • Contact Pitch: 2.54mm ( 100mil )
  • Contact area: Dual contact tin plating over 50μ nickel
  • Solder area: Tin plating over 50μ nickel
  • Low profile
  • Voltage rating: <250V
  • Current rating: <1A
  • Contact resistance: <30mΩ
  • Dielectric withstanding voltage: 1000VAC/minute
  • Insulation resistance: >1000MΩ
  • Pin retention force to insulator: 0.40Kgf
  • Single contact insertion force: 0.30Kgf

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