220uF 16V Capacitor


Radial  Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitor. Suitable for communications equipment, switching regulators, and various industrial applications.

Pack of 1-piece.

Brand: S+M

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Radial  Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitor.

General Specification:

  • Load life @105°:    >2000 hrs.
  • Temperature range:    -40 to +105°C
  • Capacitance tolerance:    ±20% at 20°C, 120Hz
  • Leakage current:    I =>0.01CV or 3µA whichever greater
  • Dissipation factor:    16V: 0.16/35V: 0.12
  • Ripple current:    Refer to detail specs.
  • Lead wire diameter:    0.5mm (Case ø5/6mm), 0.6mm (Case ø8/10/13mm)


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