T-Slot Nuts for 3030 Profile with Ball Spring M6 Thread~4-pcs/pack


T-Slot Nuts for 3030/3060 Profile with Ball Spring M6 Thread~4-pcs/pack.

Pack of 4-pieces/pack.

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An essential part for working with slotted aluminum extrusion. These slim metal nuts slide into the side-slot of the extrusion. The ball spring help to retain the nut in the slot to prevent it from slide off the slot for easy assembling. The slightly oval shape means that as they screwed-into the nut jams against the slot.

Brief Data:

  • T-Nut 3030M6 with ball spring
  • Profile size: P6 series 3030, 3060.
  • Steel & Stainless Steel, Self-Aligning.
  • Reduces Assembly Time.
  • Ball Spring holds nut in extrusion T-slot.
  • High Strength.

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