20x28mm Right Angle Bracket


(28x28x20)mm Right Angle Bracket for Aluminum Extrusion.

Dimension: (28x28x20) mm

Part No: 2820R90BRK

Pack of 1-piece/lot.

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(28x28x20)mm Right Angle Bracket for Aluminum Extrusion. Suitable with aluminum profile size of 20x20mm, 20x40mm.

You’ll  definitely  want  to  pick  up  a  couple  of  these  corner  brace  supports  when  working  on  a project  with  20×20  extrusion.  They’re  nice  and  solid,  made  of  cast  aluminum  so  they  are stronger  than  extruded  corner  supports.  Two  holes,  one  in  each  corner  allow  you  to  easily connect two pieces of 20×20 aluminum profile at a 90° degree angle.

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