3590 Multi Turns Wirewound Precision Potentiometer 5KΩ


3590 Multi Turns Wirewound Precision Potentiometer 5K.

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3590 series wirewound precision potentiometers with bushing mount, fully sealed body, plastic or metal shaft and bushings (please refer to datasheet for details) and PCB pins.

Brief Data:

  • Resistance: 5KΩ.
  • Series: 3590.
  • Maximum Resistance: 5kΩ.
  • Number of Gangs: 1.
  • Number of Turns: 10.
  • Power Rating: 2W.
  • Electrical Taper: Linear.
  • Element Material: Wirewound.
  • Mounting Type: Panel Mount.
  • Termination Style: Solder Lug.
  • Shaft Length: 20.6mm.
  • Shaft Diameter: Ø6.35mm.
  • Tolerance: ±5%.
  • Actuator Type: Slotted Shaft.

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