4.7nF 250VAC X-Y Safety High Voltage Capacitor


4.7nF 250VAC X-Y Safety High Voltage Capacitor.

Manufacturing Part No: DE1E3KX472MA2.

Pack of 5-pieces/lot.

Brand: Murata.

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Ceramic high voltage X-Y Capacitor. 4.7nF/250Vac/±20%.
Safety certified capacitors are placed at a power line input side in order to eliminate noise that builds up primarily in commercial AC power lines.

General Specification:

  • Manufacturing Part No: DE1E3KX472MA2.
  • Capacitance: 4.7nF.
  • Voltage: 250Vrms.
  • Series: DE1.
  • Tolerance: ±20%.
  • Diameter: 15mm.
  • Terminal Type Radial.
  • Dielectric Material: Ceramic.


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