40x120mm Water Cooling Block for Peltier Element and CPU


40x120mm Water Cooling Block for Peltier Element and CPU.

Pack of 1-piece/pack.

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Liquid coolers excel at delivering cooling to concentrated heat sources such as Peltier Elements and for delivering cooled fluid into remote or compact locations where the cooling assembly itself cannot be located. The basic operation is simple: fluid flows in one tube, it is cooled, and then it flows out the other tube. An external pump is required, and typically small DC magnetic-drive pumps are used to minimize the amount of pump power (heat) that is imparted to the fluid.

General Specification:

  • Dimension (mm): 40 (W) x 120 (L) x 12 (H)
  • Internal Flow Channel Extrusion Forming.
  • Leak rate of less than 5X10-6 mbar.l/s parts
  • Internal Fin Thickness: 0.5MM.
  • Processing: Vacuum Aluminum Brazing.
  • Surface Treatment: Silver Oxidation.
  • Weight: 120g.

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