40x60mm Solder Cleaning Sponge


40x60mm Solder Cleaning Sponge.

Pack of 4-pieces/lot.

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A cellulose sponge supplied as a flat sheet, in the dry state to moistened with water. Clean soldering iron tips quickly and efficiently. Rubbing a hot soldering iron tip on a wet sponge causes the solder to contract at a different rate than the soldering iron, helping to knock off any globs of solder that may be clinging to the tip.


  • Sponge Color: Yellow.
  • Size: 40mm x 60mm.
  • Thickness (Dry): 2.5mm.
  • Thickness (Wet): 10mm.
  • A sheet of high quality soldering iron sponge.
  • Ideal to replace old worn out sponge.
  • Sulphur Free.

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