74ABT244N Octal Buffer Line Driver DIP20


Octal Buffer Line Driver (3-State) in DIP20 package.

Brand: NXP Semiconductors

Pack of 1-piece/pack.

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Octal buffer/line driver (3-State) in DIP20 package.

The 74ABT244 high-performance BiCMOS device combines low static and dynamic power dissipation with high speed and high output drive. The 74ABT244 device is an octal buffer that is ideal for driving bus lines. The device features two Output Enables (1OE, 2OE), each controlling four of the 3-State outputs.

Brief Data:

  • Logic Family: ABT.
  • Logic Function: Buffer/Line Driver.
  • Number of Channels per Chip: 8.
  • Input Type: Single Ended.
  • Output Type: 3 State.
  • Polarity: Non-Inverting.
  • Mounting Type: Through Hole.
  • Package Type: PDIP-20.
  • Maximum High Level Output Current: -32mA.
  • Maximum Low Level Output Current: 64mA.
  • Maximum Propagation Delay Time @ Maximum CL: 4.2ns@5V.

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