8A/35V CC-CV Step Down (Buck) DC-DC Converter


8A/35V CC-CV Step Down (Buck) DC-DC Converter.

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This is Constant-Voltage (CV) and Constant-Current (CC) DC/DC step down regulator module, adjustable +1.2 to 35Vdc output voltage at maximum output current of 0.2A ~8A. Ideal for battery operated projects requiring a higher current regulated power supply. Applications include LED drivers, battery chargers and regulated variable power supply. This converter operated in buck topology, i.e. step down converter. The input voltage must higher than output voltage.

Brief Data:

  • Input voltage: 8~40Vdc.
  • Output voltage: 1.2 ~ 35Vdc Continuous Adjustable.
  • Output Current: 0.2 ~ 8A (max) Continuous Adjustable.
  • Output ripple Voltage: 50mV (20MHz bandwidth).
  • Load regulation: 1%.
  • Voltage regulation: 1%.
  • Dynamic response speed: 5% 200uS.
  • Switching frequency: 180KHz.
  • Efficiency: up to 95%
  • Board Size: (65 x 47 x 23) mm (LxWxH)
  • Weight: 0.22Kg.

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