8mm/L600mm Pitch:2mm/Lead:8mm Trapezoidal Lead Screw with Nut


8mm/L600mm Pitch:2mm/Lead:8mm Trapezoidal Lead Screw with Nut.

Manufacturer Part No: THSL-600-8D.

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This precision trapezoidal (metric) lead screws pitch and diameter are a perfect combination of high torque and speed. This screw fits the bill for most machine designs and will quickly become a standard on 3D printer , CNC Machine and robotics DIY community. Equipped with a large diameter that helps eliminate whipping and a high pitch which provides a quick 8mm translation for every single revolution on the screw. It’s a great power transmission choice for your DIY build! An example steps settings for your control software would be 200 steps per millimeter if you are running the common 1.8° degree stepper motor and your stepper driver is set to 1/8 step mode.

General Specification:

  • Tread: Tr8*8-2p (4 starts).
  • Pitch: 2mm.
  • Lead: 8mm.
  • Number of Start: 4.
  • Length: 600mm.
  • Lead Screw Diameter: Ø8mm.
  • Structure: Trapezoidal Spindle Screw.
  • Material: Stainless Steel.

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