T8 Pitch:2mm/Lead:8mm Lead Screw T8 Block Nut


T8 Pitch:2mm/Lead:8mm Lead Screw T8 Block Nut.

Pack of 1-piece/lot.

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This 8mm Acme Nut Block is a great choice for many projects requiring Acme linear motion. It serves more than one purpose in that it can be mounted to the bottom of a 3mm/1/8″ plate utilizing M5 nylon insert nuts and 15mm M5 screws or can also be mounted directly to V-Slot utilizing two channels with 15mm M5 low profile screws and two tee nuts.  These mounting choices allow for a host of modular machine applications.  You can mount this block along any length of V-Slot to create your linear motion. Use in conjunction with the 8mm Metric Lead Screw.

Brief Data:

  • Pitch: 2mm.
  • Lead Distance: 8mm.
  • Bore Diameter: 8mm.
  • Number of Start: 4.
  • Material: POM.
  • 12mm Low Profile Mounting.
  • Color: Black.

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