AO4422 N-Channel Power MOSFET 30V 11A


AO4422 N-Channel Power MOSFET 30V-11A.

Brand: Alpha & Omega Semiconductor

Pack of 4-pieces/pack.

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N-Channel Power MOSFET. 30V/11A/15mΩ. SO8 package.

The AO4422 uses advanced trench technology to provide excellent RDS(ON) and low gate charge. This device is suitable for use as a load switch or in PWM applications. The source leads are separated to allow a Kelvin connection to the source, which may be used to bypass the source inductance.

Brief Data:

  • Drain-Source Voltage VDS: 30V.
  • Continuous Drain Current ID (at VGS=10V): 11A.
  • RDS(ON) (at VGS=10V): <15mΩ.
  • RDS(ON) (at VGS = 4.5V): <24mΩ.

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