BTA208X-600F 600V 8A 3Q Hi-Com Triac


3 Quadrant Hi-Commutation TRIAC. 600/8A. TO220F package.

Pack of 1-piece/lot.

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3 Quadrant Hi-Commutation TRIAC. 600/8A. TO220F package.

Planar passivated high commutation three quadrant triac in a SOT186A “full pack” plastic package This “series F” triac balances the requirements of commutation performance and gate sensitivity. The “less sensitive gate” “series F” is intended for interfacing with low power drivers including microcontrollers in higher “noise” environments.

Brief Data:

  • 3Q technology for improved noise immunity.
  • Good immunity to false turn-on by dV/dt.
  • High commutation capability with less sensitive gate.
  • High voltage capability.
  • Isolated mounting base package.
  • Less sensitive gate suitable for higher “noise” environment applications.
  • Planar passivated for voltage ruggedness and reliability.
  • Triggering in three quadrants only.

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