Copper Foil Tape 30mm x 30-meter – Self Adhesive Conductive Type


Copper Foil Tape 30mmx30meter – Self Adhesive Conductive Type.

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35μm copper foil coated with an electrically conductive acrylic adhesive supplied on a removable silicone liner. Good soldering ability, superior shielding effectiveness and good conductivity through adhesive. These are typically used as an electrically conductive medium between substrates. Used to seal seams in EMI shielding rooms. Note that conductive types will conduct on both sides, while non-conductive tapes conduct via the copper side only.

Brief Data:

  • One-side Self-adhesive Conductive.
  • Width: 30mm.
  • Thickness: 0.03mm.
  • Conductive acrylic adhesive.
  • Length: 30-Meter.
  • Temperature: 150°C

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