CSA6.00MT Ceramic Resonator 6.00MHz


CSA6.00MT Ceramic Resonator 6.00MHz.

Brand: Murata.

Pack of 4-pieces/lot.

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6.00MHz Ceramic Resonator.

The CSA Series of ceramic resonators cover the frequency range of 1.25MHzto 60.00MHz with an initial frequency tolerance of ±0.5%. Since the CSA
Series utilizes the thickness mode of vibration of the piezoelectric element, there is little dimensional change with frequency. All CSA resonators are
epoxy coated and completely washable.

Brief Data:

  • Frequency: 6.00MHz.
  • Tolerance: ±0.5%
  • Package: 2-Pin Thru-Hole.
  • Oscillation Frequency Temp. Stability: ±0.3%.
  • Aging (Room Temp., 10 years): ±0.3%

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