DIN Rail Mountable Digital Watt-Hour Meter


DIN Rail Mountable Digital Watt-Hour Meter.

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D52-2047 is DIN Rail digital Watt-Hour panel meter for measuring AC voltage, AC current, Power, Watt-Hour and Power Factor in the same package. It does not require external power supply, compact and very convenient for accurate AC measurement. Standard DIN Rail mountable. This Watt-Hour meter to be used with external current sense transformer for flexible mounting.

Brief Data:

  • Accuracy: 1%, ±2 digits.
  • Voltage Range: AC 80~300V.
  • Current Range: AC 0~100A.
  • Cumulative Time: 0~999.59h.
  • Active Power Range: 0~30000W.
  • Power Factor Range: 1.000~0.000.
  • Electric Energy Range: 0~99999kwh.
  • Dimension: 64x54x80 mm.
  • Package Weight: 143g / 5oz.

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