HCF4094BE 8-stage shift and store bus register – DIP16


8-Stage Shift & Store Bus Register in DIP16 package.


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8-Stage Shift & Store Bus Register in DIP16 package. The HCF4094 is an 8 stage, serial shift register having a storage latch associated with each stage for strobing data from the serial input to parallel buffered 3-state outputs. The parallel outputs may be connected directly to common bus lines.

Brief Data: 

  • Package Type: DIP-16.
  • Number of Stages: 8.
  • Mounting Type: Thru Hole.
  • Pin Count: 16.
  • Operating Voltage: (3~20) V.
  • Triggering Type: Negative Edge, Positive Edge.
  • Direction Type: Uni-Directional.
  • Preset Type: Synchronous.

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