HTE-8020 WAV & MP3 Audio Decoder Module


HTE-8020 WAV & MP3 Audio Decoder Module.

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This module support WAV lossless CD quality music play back and high quality MP3 music at 320Kbps bitrate. Mini small board design, 6-12V wide range power supply. Very versatile for car CD modification, the speaker level audio decoding, lossless CD players replacement. With our 100W class-D amplifier module, you can DIY a high power CD quality music center with ease, with remote control !!

Brief Data:

  • Operating voltage: 6-12V. Recommend optimum voltage 9V.
  • Working current: 200-900mA.
  • Supported audio formats:
    • MP3 format: 8-320K bitrate.
    • Wav format: 8-48KHz sampling frequency, not support DTS surround.
  • Operating modes: Direct Stereo audio output with full remote control function.
  • Media Device Type: USB stick.
  • PCB Size: 36x27mm, thickness 1mm.
  • Net weight: 23g.


  • Super quality, on board 2W mono amplifier (5V supply up to 3W) directly connected to the speaker (Recommended with 4Ω/3W speakers).
  • 3.5mm headphone jack can be connected to headphones or an external  amplifier board.
  • With MicroUSB power supply interface, the use of mobile power supply or USB charger powered via phone lines, may also be 3.7V lithium battery, USB 5V power supply.
  • Support TF card (memory card in your phone), USB disk playback mode.
  • Screw speaker terminals without soldering for easy connection to speakers (in Mono).
  • Can be easily connected to power amplifier board. i.e. TDA7498 Class-D 2x100W Amplifier Modules.
  • Power range: 3.7 ~ 5.5V.
  • Size: 45mm x 36mm.

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Package Include:

  • HTE-8020 decoder module: 1-piece.
  • Multifunction Remote Control (with CR2032 coin cell): 1-piece.
  • 3-Way audio output cable: 1-piece.
  • 2-Way power supply input cable: 1-piece.

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