IDC-10 Socket 2×5 10-Pins Connector


IDC-10 2×5 10-Pins Female Header Connector.

Manufacturing Part No: FC2-10

Pack of 4-pieces/pack.

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IDC-10 2×5-Pins Female Header Connector.

2.54mm Pitch (2×5) 10-Pins IDC Female Header Socket Connector. These 2×5 crimp connectors can be snapped onto 10-wire ribbon cable to make your own cable assemblies and keep your connections organized. Simply press the connector onto your ribbon cable, no soldering required, which makes it easy to add as many mid-cable connectors as you need.

 Brief Data:

  • 10 Pins Standard 0.1″/2.54mm  socket.
  • 2×5 IDC Socket-Receptacle 0.1″ x 0.1″ Dual Row IDC.
  • Female Connector with Polarizing Centre Bump
  • Mates with 0.1″ (2.54mm) Pitch Headers, Terminates to .050″ Flat ribbon cable.
  • Flat cable to be bought separately.

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