L9110 Motor Driver Module with Propeller


L9110 Motor Driver Module with Propeller.

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This motor & fan control module adopts L9110 motor control chip. It can control the rotation direction of the motor, hence the fan or propeller. The module is designed with mounting hole. The module fitted with 3inch propeller and can easily blow out flame in 20cm distance. It’s an essential part in fire-fighting robot development.

Brief Data:

  • Operating voltage: 3.0~5Vdc.
  • Output current: 800mA continuous.
  • Propeller Dimension: 3 Inch.
  • Module Dimension: (27×35)mm.
  • Mounting Hole: 2xØ3mm + 1xØ5mm.
  • Compatible: Arduino, Raspberry, ESP32.

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