M10x35 Star Handle Clamping Knob – Hand Tighten Screw


M10x35 Star Handle Clamping Knob – Hand Tighten Screw.

Pack of 1-piece/lot.

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This male multiple lobe knob screw has a thread size of M10, thread pitch of 1.50mm. This knob bolt features a “star” shape handle, making it easy to screw and unscrew by hand. The male thread material is zinc-plated steel.

Brief Data:

  • Thread: M10.
  • Major Diameter: (Ø9.8~Ø9.9) mm.
  • Thread Pitch: 1.50mm.
  • Thread Length: 35mm.
  • Knob Shape: Star Multiple Lobes.
  • Knob Diameter D: Ø37mm.
  • Insert Material: Steel.
  • Color: Black.

Detail Specification:

  • Star Handle Screw Specs

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