M5 Hexagon Brass Standoff Spacer 15mm ~5pcs/pack


M5 Hexagon Brass Standoff Spacer 15mm ~5pcs/pack


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A standoff is a threaded separator of defined length used to raise one assembly above another. They are usually round or hex (for wrench tightening), often made of brass come in male-female or female-female forms. In electronics they are frequently used to raise a printed-circuit board above a surface. Insulating standoffs keep two parts from touching each other, thereby preventing electrical shorts.

 Brief Data:

  • Body Length (L): 15mm.
  • Type: Female/Female.
  • Thread Size: M5.
  • Thread Pitch: 0.8mm.
  • Width Across Flats: 7mm.
  • Material: Brass.

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