M6x35 Torx Handle Knob – Hand Tighten Clamping Screw~2pcs/pack


M6x35 Torx Handle Knob – Hand Tighten Clamping Screw~2pcs/pack.

Pack of 2-pieces/lot.

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Use this hands knob screw to quickly install or adjust factory fittings. It’s a multi-purpose screwing tool that does away with the need for other tightening tools such as hex keys or screw driver. An ergonomic star-shaped handle allows for convenient gripping and turning, while its soft-touch outer casing is gentle on your hands. You can use this tool in a wide variety of factory applications where equipment or machinery needs to be frequently reset or maintained.

Brief Data:

  • Thread: M6.
  • Major Diameter: (Ø5.7~Ø6.0) mm.
  • Thread Pitch: 1.0mm.
  • Thread Length: 35mm.
  • Knob Shape: Multiple Lobes/Torx.
  • Knob Diameter D: 30mm.
  • Insert Material: Steel.
  • Color: Black.

Detail Specification:

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