M8 Metric Nylon Hexagon Nut/ 10-pcs


M8 Metric Nylon Hexagon Nut/ 10-pcs.

Pack of 10-pieces/lot.

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Nylon Plastic Hexagon Nut – Metric M8 Series

This screw nut is made of plain and durable nylon PA66. This hexagon head screw nut with metric thread, features hex head and hex type drive. Nylon fasteners offer several advantages. These include a high amount of insulation and resistance to corrosion. Compared to aluminum, another material heavily used in electronics, nylon is lighter, stronger and offers high wear resistance.

Brief Data:

  • Thread Size: M8.
  • Material: Nylon-66
  • Standard: DIN934.
  • Flame class: 94V-2.
  • Finish: Plain.
  • Head Shape: Hexagon.
  • Drive Type: Hexagon.

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