Magnetic Contact Switch – Door Sensor


Magnetic Contact Switch – Door Sensor.

Pack of 1-piece/pack.

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This sensor is essentially a reed switch, encased in an ABS plastic shell. Normally the reed is ‘open’ (no connection between the two wires). The other half is a permanent magnet. When the magnet is less than 10mm away, the reed switch closes. They’re often used to detect when a door or drawer is open, which is why they have mounting tabs and screws. This sensor/magnet pair can be secured in place with double-sided foam tape.

Brief Data:

  • Molded-in cable and fully sealed construction.
  • Contact Configuration: Form A (Normally Open).
  • Current Rating: 0.5A.
  • Black ABS enclosure.
  • Rated voltage: 200VDC max.
  • Sensing Distance: <10mm max.
  • Dimension LxWxH: 23x14x6mm.
  • Cable Length: 350mm.
  • Mounting: Tab with M3 Screw Hole.
  • Weight: 7g.

Package Include:

  • 1x Magnetic Switch with Cable.
  • 1x Cased Permanent Magnet.

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