Matrix Prototyping Board- Double Sided Plated-Thru


Matrix Prototyping Board- Double Sided Plated-Thru.

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High quality double sided matrix prototyping board with standard 0.10″ (2.54mm) holes spacing. Matrix boards are prototype circuit boards used for laying out electrical components securely, and can be used for both high frequency and analogue circuit building. When using a matrix board, electrical parts are soldered together and joined with tinned copper wire.

Brief Data:

  • Board Type: Matrix Double Sided Plate-Thru.
  • Dimensions: 70×90 mm.
  • Number of Holes: 806 (26×31).
  • Holes Pitch: (2.54 x 2.54) mm.
  • Holes Diameter: Ø0.95 mm.
  • Board Material: FR4 Fiber Glass.
  • Board Thickness: 1.6mm.
  • Mask: Green & Tin plated.
  • Weight: 17g.

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