Mechanical Limit Switch (End Stop) for RAMPS Controller


Mechanical Limit Switch (End Stop) for RAMPS Controller

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The basic job of an endstop is to detect when an axis has reached a minimum or maximum bound. A mechanical endstop is the simplest type of endstop: a simple mechanical switch positioned to trigger when a RepRap’s axis reaches the end/start of its motion. RepRap’s Cartesian printers and many other 3D printers all move the printer head (axis) relative to a start position. The endstop provides the firmware with an indication of where an origin point is located. The homing cycle of a printer uses the endstops to locate the origin of each axis.

Brief Data:

  • Operation Voltage: 5Vdc.
  • Output: Normally Open with Respect to ground (NO).
  • Cable Length: 70cm.
  • Dupont 3-wire connection.
  • LED Indicator: Detected On.
  • Application: RAMPS base & Prusa 3D Printer.
  • Board Size: (16×40) mm.

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