Miniature AC Magnetic Buzzer Ø12mm


Miniature AC Magnetic Buzzer

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This is a small 12mm round buzzer that operates around the audible 2KHz range. You can use these buzzers to create simple music or audible warning signal. This tiny buzzer uses an electromagnet to drive a thin metal sheet. That means you need to use some form of alternating current to get sound. The good news is that this speaker is tuned to respond best with a square wave (e.g. from a microcontroller).

Brief Data:

  • Oscillation Frequency: 2048Hz.
  • Operation Voltage: 1.25 ~ 2.5 Vpp.
  • Rated Voltage: 1.5Vp-p.
  • Housing: PPO Plastic Resin.
  • Color: Black.
  • Pin: Tin Plated Brass.
  • Current Consumption (Max.): 32mA at Rated Voltage.
  • Sound Pressure Level (Min.): 85dB at 10 cm at Rated Voltage.
  • Coil Resistance: 40±2Ω.
  • Operating Temperature: -20 ~ +70°C.
  • Storage Temperature: -30 ~ +80°C.
  • Weights: 1.3g.

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