Nema17 Planetary Geared Stepper Motor


Nema17 Planetary Geared Stepper Motor

Manufacturer Part No: 42BYGP40P160S.

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This high precision NEMA 17 Stepper motor has an integrated Planetary Gearbox with a 1:5.18 gear ratio, the resolution can reach 0.35°step angle. It’s a good solution in applications that need very low rotation speeds and/or lots of torque. Suitable for 3-D printer filament extruder application.

General Specification:

  • Manufacturer Part Number: 42BYGP40P160S.
  • Motor Type: Bipolar Stepper.
  • Gearbox Type: Planetary
  • Gear ratio: 1:5.18
  • Step Angle: 0.35°.
  • Phase Current: 1.6A.
  • Phase resistance: 1.5Ω ± 10%.
  • Phase Voltage: 2.7V.
  • Phase inductance: 3.2mH ± 20%.
  • Holding Torque:
  • Max Permissible Torque:
  • Moment Permissible
  • Number of leads: 4
  • Weight: 450 grams.

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