Nylon Flat Washers Metric M4


Nylon Flat Washers Metric M4.

Pack of 10-pieces/lot.

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Nylon Flat Washers – Metric M4 Series

Plain metric sealing washers designed to distribute the force of the screw head of a screw or nut on a larger surface. These nylon washers provide an excellent inexpensive solution between gland and equipment with electrical insulation and good chemical resistance. Offering noise reduction because they are non-abrasive and lightweight in comparison to metallic washers.

Brief Data:

  • For Screw/Bolt Size: M4.
  • Size (IDxODxT): 4x10x1 mm.
  • Material: Nylon 66.
  • Finish: Plain.
  • Flame class: 94V-2.

Detail Specification:

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