Ø0.8mm Single Core PVC Insulated Bare Copper Wire Black~5meter/pack


Single Core Insulated Wire Ø0.80mm-Black~5meter/pack

Pack of 5-meter/lot.

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A useful single core equipment wire ideal for making jumper wires for use on breadboards. Available in various colour: Black, Red, Green, Blue, White, Yellow and Grey.

Brief Data:

  • Insulator Color: Red, Black, Yellow, Green, Blue and White.
  • Single Core Bare Copper.
  • Conductor Diameter: Ø0.80mm.
  • Conductor Gauge Size: 20AWG.
  • Outer Diameter: Ø2.3mm with insulator.
  • Insulation Material: PVC.
  • Current Rating: 1.5A (max).

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