Ø5mmx13mm Clear Neon+Resistor Indicator Lamp


Ø5mmx13mm Clear Neon+Resistor Indicator Lamp~8pcs/pack.

Pack of 8-pieces/pack.

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Ø5mm Sub-Miniature Neon Lamps. Sub-miniature neon lamps for wiring directly into equipment. Neon lamps are recommended for 110~240Vac and DC applications in excess of 90 volts. With 150KΩ resistor, direct connect to 220~230VAC.

Pack of 8-pieces/pack.

Brief Data:

  • Light Color: Orange.
  • Lamp Base: Wire Terminal with resistor.
  • Lamp Size: Ø5mm.
  • Length: 13mm.
  • Pre-soldered Resistor: 150KΩ.
  • Light Color: Orange.
  • Gas Type: Neon Gas Filled.
  • Voltage Rating: 100~250 VAC.
  • Current Rating: 600μA.
  • Life Hours: 20,000H.

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