43mm Rubber Wheels for GA12-N20 Geared Motor~2pcs/pack


Rubber Wheels for GA12-N20 Geared Motor

Pack of 2-pieces/lot. (Without Motor)

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This is typical rubber wheel for small robot mobile platforms application. The tire is soft black rubber with deep tread for added traction in rugged terrain. An axis is D-type 3mm bore which can mount to Mini N20 Geared DC Motor. This rubber wheels are commonly used in our 4WD and 2WD platforms.

General Specification:

  • Tire material: Soft Rubber.
  • Outside Diameter: 43mm.
  • Tire Width: 19mm.
  • Aperture: D-Type Shaft Ø3mm Bore.
  • Hub Color: White.
  • Material: ABS engineering plastics rubber.
  • G12-N20 to purchase separately.

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