SFU1204-3 Ball Screw Nut – Flanged


SFU1204-3 Ball Screw Nut – Flanged.

Manufacturer Part No: SFU1204-3

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Standard Ball Screw Nuts SFU1204-3 is perfect choice for applications where high durability, positioning accuracy and smooth operation is required. All nuts are axial play free with 0-2% preload which reflected in high rigidity. Nuts of Ball Screws are categorized by ball circulation method into return-pipe, deflector type and end cap type. These three nut types are described in Appendix. SFU1204 ball screw nut is based on deflector type.

General Specification:

  • Part No: SFU1204-3.
  • Ball Screw Nut Type: Flanged.
  • Lead Distance: 4mm.
  • For Shaft Diameter: Ø12mm.
  • Height: 35mm.
  • Outside Diameter: Ø40mm.
  • Mounting Screw: 6xM5.

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