Steel Plain Washer – Metric M2.5


Steel Plain Washer – Metric M2.5 ~ M5

Pack of 20-pieces/lot.

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Plain washers or flat washers as they a commonly referred to are standard spacing washers used on thousands of industrial and domestic applications. A plain washer (or ‘flat washer’) is a flat annulus or ring, often of metal, used to spread the load of a screwed fastening. Additionally, a plain washer may be used when the hole is a larger diameter than the fixing nut.

Note: Washers are used to distribute the force of the screw head of a screw or nut on a larger surface.

Brief Data:

  • Fuse Size: M2.5.
  • Finish: Bright Zinc Plated.
  • Steel washer zinc plated, for ISO metric fasteners.
  • Metric to BS4320 Form A.
  • DIN 125 A.

Detail Specification:


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