Straight Internal Connector for 2020 Extrusion Profile


Straight Internal Connector for 2020 Extrusion Profile.

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2020 straight aluminium extrusion profile straight joint internal connector. This straight connectors  are very useful when working with aluminium extrusion profiles where you need to join two pieces together and are widely used in cnc machines, 3d printers and variety of other DIY applications.

Brief Data:

  • Type: Straight Connector for 20 Series Aluminum Profile.
  • Mounting Type: Internal.
  • Length: 100mm.
  • Mounting Screw: M5x6mm Set Screw.
  • Material: Galvanized Carbon Steel
  • Surface Finish: Zinc plated.
  • Number of Mounting Hole: 4x.
  • Weight: 25g.

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