T8 Lead Screw Nut Pitch:2mm/Lead Distance:8mm H-Type Flange


T8 Lead Screw Nut Pitch:2mm/Lead Distance:8mm H-Type Flange.


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Flanged bronze nut for four starts trapezoidal lead screws. Manufactured from bronze with good wear resistance and suitable for smooth linear motion applications. With H-type mounting flange for low profile motion design.

General Specification:

  • Lead Screw Nut Type: H-Type Flange.
  • Thread: Tr8*8-2p (4 starts).
  • Lead Pitch: 2mm.
  • Number of Start: 4.
  • Inner Diameter: Ø8mm.
  • Structure: Trapezoidal Spindle Screw.
  • Mounting Screw: M3.
  • Material: Brass.

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